Learn how to fly

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Do you want to fly in the sky?


You definitely can not grow wings during your life, but you certain have a course to learn how to use gliding/paragliding flight fly!

There are courses for people who would love to experience the art of hang gliding in Newcastle.



A hang gliding tandem flight is the absolute best way to experience the thrill of pure flight! The way it was meant to be. The tandem flight is the first step toward learning the beautiful art of hang gliding.


You may experience failure fly but seeing your friends in the sky, never mind, it is only a matter of time.



I felt so nervous when I faced paragliding, but felt better with time. The coach looked serious with a pair of gloves and columbia jacket, which looked very professional and responsible.
We waited for the right wind direction. My coach told me ” Run!” Actually, this is the moment when I felt less scared. With my paragliding opened by wind, a strength held onto me and allowed me to run at ease.





The paragliding was holding my body during this experience after I took off.

It is really not as scary as you think!

The whole duration is approximately 20 – 30 minutes. Choose between a foot launched soaring flight or a 3000ft high altitude aero-towed flight.  Locations go from coastal ridges to the inland mountains of the Watagan National Forest.




More information



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