Public speakers to share their skills with the community

by Melanie Suzanne Wilson

The world revolves around communication. Employability is as competitive as ever. Networking requires social savvy to stand out from the crowd. Families attempt to talk in person, amongst busy schedules and social media addictions.

The Cronulla RSL Toastmasters Club will be running a program for this exact reason.

“Today, communication happens in a range of manners. The program explores the words you use, how they work together as well as how to increase their impact by using your voice and gesture to reinforce the message.”

Public speakers will be sharing communication skills with members of the community in The Shire. They are keen to connect with anyone who wants better self expression.

Kay Wood, Toastmasters D70 Southern Division Director, sought to teach the same skills that changed the lives of her own friends.

The members are looking to boost not just the employability of locals, but also career progression.

The working world requires individuals to stand out above other applicants. Amongst all the LinkedIn profiles and uploaded CVs, candidates still need to sound impressive in job interviews. Interpersonal skills are as big as ever.

“Practicing impromptu speaking enables you to handle enquires and is invaluable for interviews.”

“One member was told at a job interview that she should join Toastmasters.  A year later, she landed that job.”

Learning is lifelong. It continues after settling into work.

“In the work place you will handle questions form the boss or clients more efficiently and do dazzling presentations with out going red or one stutter.”

 Success stories, like this one, bring a smile to Kay’s face. These transferable speaking skills help social life as much as professionalism.

They perform speeches suited for all sorts of situations, including weddings.

Kay Wood says, “Members have joined to help make their speech as ‘Best Man’ memorable, but stayed on after the big day. Everyone joins for a different reason – we stay because we get a lot more than we thought possible.”

The Cronulla RSL Toastmasters Club, which Kay coaches, is more than a professional environment. Members become friends.

“Confidence alters how you relate to others. Situations that would have scared you become exciting challenges. The supportive environment of Toastmasters is educational, inspiring and fun.”

The program aims to increase confidence and hope for successful life.

“If you can put your ideas, thoughts and dreams into words that others connect with – then anything can happen.”

Speakers are teaching communication skills for the community in the Shire


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