Classic and wooden boat festival

Writing by April Chen Mengya


Classic & Wooden Boat Festival is a showcase for vessels around Sydney and all over Australia. The festival is celebrating Maritime Heritage (Theme of 2016 CWBF) at Darling Harbour. It has been 4 years since the last Classic & Wooden Boat Festival. The museum has been working to recreate this festival. The show time is from Friday 15-17 April 2016.

Theme is Maritime Heritage
Hashtag of CWBFsydney


Over 100 boats and 30 stallholders drive their lovely boats to join this festival. Visitors could be invited to cruise on vessels, experience the atmosphere and enjoy the good view of darling harbour. They can talk to those stallholders and be invited to board boats, sharing the history of this boat and interesting stories.


John & Susan Pincott own a Halvorse boat named Rosemary. They cruised extensively on the Hawkesbury. Rosemary has always been privately owned. It is made with Carvel planked oregon, hardwood, teak deck. The Pincotts changed the boat’s name to ‘Rosemary’ after one of their daughters. Susan says, “It’s a bit of a family tradition, to name our boats after our daughters.” This couple uses the boat frequently. They enjoy the harbour view in Sydney – especially around fish market, where they enjoy the crowds of people and beautiful sunset.









Sailors are singing


Sailors are singing




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