Taronga Zoo 100th Birthday

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Written by April Chen Mengya

Edited and published by Melanie Suzanne Wilson

Updated June 8 2016

Taronga Zoo is non-profit and running 100 years since it first open in 1916. This year, Taronga Zoo with ANZ are inviting everyone to celebrate the 100th Anniversary.

Attendees can visit the zoo for $1 on their individual birthdays, through registration with the promotion. This encourages more people to come and join the wild animals’ life, which can help people to raise awareness and protect them.

Taronga Zoo provides workshops to help connect people with nature. These include science and sustainability. In other shows, feeders introduce animals’ habits, abilities, and present its situation as well as dilemmas.

Asian elephant feeder Tom says, “Asian elephants are ‘foodies.’ They can consume a large variety of plants by using their trunks and finding foods even in the tall trees. They can spend up to 16 hours a day feeding, consume 75-150kg of food per day to survive and drink 80-160L of water a day. They can reach 6.4m in length and weight around 5 ton.”

“As growing population and larger demand for resource, Asian elephants had lost their habitat and a number of them had shrunken sharply to 27% in 2008”. Tom says, “Because of the greatly reduced natural habitat, Asia elephant has suffering massive declines”.

Due to the ivory of male elephants’ value, they were as hunting target during a long decades.

Taronga Zoo has announced, “Taronga has provided direct support for field conservation initiatives including Wildlife Protection Units and expertise on environmental education, wildlife health, facility design and management of elephant populations in Sumatra, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal and Sri Lanka.”

They give efforts on combating global illegal wild trade issue and support TRAFFIC so much by actions. TRAFFIC is a company that investigate and stop illegal animals trade. TRAFFIC also analyse the situation and provide those data to expose the criminal within South East Asia.

Wildlife Witness is an app they produce that helps tourists to report illegal wildlife trade and helped fund a TRAFFIC analyst to use this data to expose the criminal networks within South East Asia.”

From this Asian elephant workshop, I learned its habit and what its face to in the future. It is really important for people to know about the habit of this species  as well as its threat, which helps us to raise awareness on Asia elephant. This workshop also figure  a way to live a sustainable lifestyle.

There are more workshops scheduled on the Taronga Zoo’s website as well as the blackboard at the ticket office.

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