Communities Learning from Writers in the Sydney Writers Festival

Plain Speaking Jane Book

Writers spoke to educate communities in the Sydney Writers’ Festival

Jane Caro is sharing her own life experiences through autobiographical writing. She is famously known for speaking her mind in broadcast, print news and now in a book.

Jane Caro spoke at the Hornsby library  in May, after the release of her memoir Plain-Speaking Jane. The book reveals the retro personal and professional life of a female advertiser.

Caro shares very personal experiences of anxiety. This public discussion empowers others to stop feeling ashamed of their conditions.

Yet most audience members asked about the topic of feminism during question time. Many listeners were Gen X and Baby Boomers.

This Gruen panellist encourages her followers to engage in public discussion. “Speaking up is one of the most important things I think that anyone can do. Joining groups, if you area a group joiner, is a great thing that anyone can do.”

Jane Caro often speaks to audiences who share her feminist beliefs. Now this social commentator has an opportunity to discuss psychological issues.

The book forces her to normalise conditions, such as anxiety and OCD, which can affect anyone. Those conditions surpass gender, ideology and background.

Publisher Man MacMillan says on the web site, “Jane shows that anxiety is not a life sentence, and that on the other side lies the ultimate reward: the freedom to do as we please.” Perhaps stigmas of mental health are starting to relax in society.

One thing is certain. This advertising guru continues ‘plain speaking’ on a vast array of topics. Nothing is sacred.

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