Community Groups Connecting with Meetup

Community Groups Connecting with Meetup

Local skill building groups are utilising Meetup to attract new attendees and members.

Here are some of the top Meetup groups to check out:

Cronulla RSL Toastmasters Club

Join a club from an international organisation, to grow skills in Cronulla and The Shire.

Young Entrepreneurs Sydney

Meet fellow entrepreneurs for mentorship and networking.

Rostrum Public Speaking Club

Develop communication skills in a niche organisation.

The CoolCheck Project

Learn to meditate and escape from a hectic world. Join with like minded meditators.

The Code Club Hub

This group is home to the teachers, parents and volunteers for an early learning coding community.

Get Started Now

Anyone can join Meetup. It is free to join as an attendee, but costs to host groups. Networking and continuous learning are now crucial to ongoing success in the current economy. Meetup can connect people with the community learning groups which suit their needs.


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