Communities Learn with Lynda

Communities Learn with Lynda

Face to Face with Online Facilitation

In-person interactive communities can be supported by online tools during their learning journeys. Group participants have been using Lynda for quite some time. It’s more than an aid for skill building in particular, the ideas from this resource give inspiration for improving the overall event experiences. Some of the programs explain methods for running organisations and events themselves.

Catch Up on Everyone’s Levels of Knowledge and Skills

There is nothing more awkward than sitting in a discussion, feeling lost and confused about the topic of conversation. Simply take a bit of time before an event, to watch the informative videos. Full transcripts may be available for those who don’t have time to watch videos. It’s the easiest way to feel like an expert in a hurry.

Discover Ways to Enhance Your Community Experience

Lynda is more than an educational aid. Anyone who leads a community group or organisation should have a look. An entire ‘Business’ section includes guides that could be relevant to not-for-profit or community efforts. Leadership strategies, such as mindfulness and risk-taking, are almost universal. The ‘Design’ area is a must have for those who create their own advertisements. Plenty more resources abound for those who lead groups to ‘learn with your community’.

Critical Thinking and Cultural Adaptation

A critical approach is crucial when being guided by any external resources. Perhaps some lessons are targeted towards large bureaucratic organisations, and the reader’s group is a small circle of individuals. Maybe some general ideals are useful for broad audiences, but specific situations could need unique approaches. It is definitely worth discovering new approaches through resources such as Lynda. Adopt the practices which work in an individual circumstance, and take the rest with a grain of salt.



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